1. Complete the following chart
2. You must review 3 fifth grade proejcts and 3 sixth grade projects.
3. Remember your comments need to be positive and respectful of others' work.

Student Name
Title of Project
3 Things you Learned
2 Strengths of the project
adam b
global worming
goal worming melts ice
how to stop it
how it hapens
it was set up well
it flowed smothly
blake s
how planes fly
how the wings work
how trust works
how to provent drag
organis well
nice pics
carson p
frist movie ever made
what it was about
how good it was for it time
what the plot was
writen well
Ian s
how birds fly
If a birds have large wings do they fly faster or slower?
At what age do most birds learn to fly?
How do birds learn to fly?
good pics
flows nice
Is it more of a lion or a tiger?
Are they aggresive
Are they big?
stay on topic
infomational and good
john p
roalr costers
How do roller coasters stay on track?
How do they move?
What is the largest roller coaster in the world and does it work different from other roller coasters?
nice pics
well writen

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