Books I LOVE to Read!!

Pick FIVE books you have read this year. Share why you have loved them.

Book Title and Cover
Why you recommend this book
My life in pink and green
My life in Pink and Green is probably one of the best books I have ever read. I loves it so much. Its about a girl who is trying to save her family buisness and she is trying to save it by doing peoples make up. If you like girly books then you will love it.
I recommend curveball because its very interesting and a good story. Its about a boy that breaks his arm in baseball so then he can no longer play, so he joins a photography glass and meets the girl of his dreams there.
I recommend Wonder becuase its such a good idea of a book. Its about a boy with deformity and he goes to a new school where everyone makes fun of him. He overcomes the fear of making fun of him and he just doesnt care anymore. Its a ver detailed story that tells about something that probably has happened before.
I recommend Stargirl becuase its a crazy book about the new girl in school that is strange. She plays her ukalayle in the cafateria and cheers for other sports teams at her school sports events. I think you should read it because you probably havent read a book like it before.
Gollywapper Games
I recommend for you to read the gollywapper games because its a great book about mystery and problem solving. I really enjoyed this book becuase there are a ton of puzzles in it that you are supposed to try and fiigure out by yourself.


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