1. 1. Complete the following chart
2. You must review 3 fifth grade proejcts and 3 sixth grade projects.
3. Remember your comments need to be positive and respectful of others' work.

Student Name
Title of Project
3 Things you Learned
2 Strengths of the project
How do humans effect marine life
  1. The stellar sea lion is second on the endangred animals list
  2. A cetacion is a marine mammal
  3. Humans can help by not using cars
  1. Good pictures in the backround of the text
  2. Described very well
  1. One sign of a tornado is the sound of a train
  2. The scale goes up to an f6
  3. You need a whistle in the survival kit
  1. The way she explains how a tornado is made is good
  2. There are a lot of bullet points which make the reader find facts easily
Viratey of Monkeys
  1. The western lowland gorrillas are endangred
  2. The pygmy marmoset is the smallest mokey
  3. Babbons are a large kind
  1. Lots of detail
  2. Lots of information about the mokeys
  1. Penguins are very social
  2. They live in Antartica
  3. Penguins turn thier back when it is cold
  1. Included credits
  2. Good pictures
  1. The otter is tough
  2. There is two kind of otters salt water and fresh water
  3. Otters live for 16 years
  1. I like the way she laid it out
  2. Good facts
  1. Tigers survive by there instinct
  2. Tigers use their tetth to protect them sleves
  3. Tigers live in siberia, India and China
  1. Her questions are good
  2. I like how she put a picture for every question

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