For our project, Andrea and I will be making a commercial on a product that we chose.

Product: Binder Infinity: Hassle free.

Our Overview:
Binder Infinity, a hassle free, fun and colorful binder. Built to be sturdy for the big falls and to look great at the same time. Binder Infinity will be wanted by every kid in America and their parents. With Binder Infinity, you know you won't have to worry about your binder breaking. The places for studying are unlimited: on a tree, in the pool, or even skydiving. With it's plastic features it's waterproof, and with it's bendable features, it won't break no madder how hard you try. It even comes with a nice, big storage compartment for any pencils, gum, or even you phone! With Binder Infinity, you will never worry about losing anything! This hassle free binder is a must get for any kid at school!

Our commercial:

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