Books I LOVE to Read!!

Pick FIVE books you have read this year. Share why you have loved them.

Book Title and Cover
Why you recommend this book
#5 I swear
I reccomend this book if you like mysterys. This book is about a girl who gets bulled and kills herselve. They have to find out who was the one who mainly bullied her into making her kill herselve .
#4 Then
I recommend this book if you like suspence. This book is about a girl and a boy that have to run away from the nazis
#3 Ttyl
I recommend this book is if you like to read texts. This book is all about 3 high schoolers who chat online about their everyday life
#2 The one and only Ivan
I recommend this book if you like storys about animals. Even though this story is fiction it is still very good and short if you don't like to read long things
#1 11 birthdays
My most favorite book in the whole world was 11 birthdays. This book is about a boy and a girl who were born on the same day, but are not twins. This book is a mystery and is really good. I've read it about 5 times because I like it so much!


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